Alexander “Soulless”

bass, music, lyrics

  1. How did you start playing music?

It was all pretty simple. As a student, I liked KoЯn, and the more I listened to them, the more I wanted to learn how to play like their bass player. I really enjoyed the “clicking” sound of that bass, which later I found out to be slapping. There was a time when I practiced a lot, and got better, and I liked that a lot, but later I had to lower the intensity and find different ways of developing as a bass player. Nowadays I play bass to relax.

  1. What inspires you to play music?

Nothing, that’s just a means to express my inner world, my mood and feelings at certain points in time.

  1. What music do you prefer (bands, genres)?

Everything that’s good to my ears and doesn’t have posers for musicians. Mostly Death Metal and its variations. If talking bands, I suppose, Torture Killer, Bloodbath, Hate, Nile. Sometimes I like some Black Metal (Infernal War, Mastiphal, Azarath, Marduk, 1349, Watain, Dark Funeral, etc).

  1. Who would you dream to play on the same stage with?

Hate, Torture Killer, Nile, Belphegor.

  1. Favorite Vistery song?

Killing Spree

  1. Any hobbies besides music?


  1. Favorite movie?

1408, Butterfly Effect.

  1. Favorite food?


  1. Favorite drink?


  1. What’s your dream in life?

Not to dream.

  1. Are you afraid of death?

Why should you fear something that you can’t avoid?

  1. What would you like to say to Vistery fans?

Stay metal. Stay dead.

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